5 SEO Tips to Help Foreign Language Sites Improve Google Search Results

5 SEO Tips to Help Foreign Language Sites Improve Google Search Results

Recently I got call from a Vietnamese pastor who was concerned that his church could not be found in Google search results. He ask me to review his site and offer any advice I could. By the way, I am more than happy to review any web site belonging to a church or non-profit and offer advice to improve your web presence. If you would like a review all you have to do is complete this request form > Free Web Score.

Turns out that the entire site was written in the Vietnamese language. In this case you could not expect the site to show up in any English language search engine because search engines like Google need something to index. After giving it some thought, I devised a plan. Here are the five tips I shared with the pastor that should help them rank on Google:

  1. Choose An English Domain Name: In this case it could be, “vietnamesechurchmableton.org” or “vietnamesebaptistchurchmableton.org” (.com or .net is fine too). Both seem long but what I think is more important is they are easy to remember and they are made up of important keywords which could possibly help search ranking.
  2. Add An English Landing Page: Add an English language landing page (one page) to your site and point the English domain to that page. Be sure the page is written with keywords and search terms in mind. Include details about the church, contact info, Google map for directions, and links to Vietnamese language pages.
  3. Manual Indexing Requests: Once you have added the page and domain name, request a manual index from Google Indexing and Bing Indexing. These are the important two because most all other search engines get there results from Google or Bing.
  4. Grab Free Web Real Estate: Do the following 4 Google searches: “Vietnamese Baptist Church Mableton” “Vietnamese Church Mableton” “Vietnamese Baptist Church” “Vietnamese Church”.  Notice in each search which Church Listings show up and add your church to each listing (this requires a time investment but should pay-off).
  5. Grab Google Web Properties: Be sure to incorporate as many Google web properties as possible: Build a page in English on Google+, add videos to YouTube, use a Google map on the site, add Google Translation tools to the Vietnamese language site. Google rewards higher rankings to those who use their resources.

If you have a foreign language web site that you want to have found on English search engines, or any web site for that matter, these five steps are a great staring point in getting this accomplished. Beyond this I would encourage you to become a student of best SEO practices. Check out this SEO Beginner’s Guide from MOZ to get started.

Have you had success getting a foreign language web site indexed on English search results? How did you do it? Please share your best tips below…

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