FREE & Easy Web Tool to Boost Easter Church Attendance!

FREE & Easy Web Tool to Boost Easter Church Attendance!

Did you know that Easter Sunday is a traditional holiday where many Americans are willing to include church attendance in their celebrations? I believe Easter Sunday is the best time to invite a friend or neighbor to church.  A 2010 study by the Barna Group revealed that most Americans described Easter as a religious celebration and therefore are open to the idea of church attendance. (full Barna article: The study also revealed that church attenders have a desire to invite people to their church but often simply do not follow through.

The Barna researcher who directed the project, David Kinnaman, pointed out that,

“Realistically, if all of the people who said they would bring unchurched people with them on Easter were to follow through, America’s churches couldn’t handle the overflow.”

Make it Easy for Members to Invite Their Friends to Church
I just discovered a tool called “ChurchInviter” and it really looks promising — simple and easy to do. Basically it is an invite tool for your church web site that makes it easy for someone to invite their friends to church on Twitter, Facebook or by email. Starting on the ChurchInviter web site you sign-in for a free account, set-up your invitations, and then embed the finished tool in a web page on your church site. Then, ask your your church members to use this simple tool to invite their friends to church. Here is a video introducing ChurchInviter…

Easter Sunday Is A Great Opportunity!
People are willing to attend…
members are willing to invite…
they just need encouragement to follow through.

ChurchInviter might be just the bridge for this gap and it seems easy enough. Please give it a try and then let us know how well it worked (or not). The ChurchInviter idea may not be right for your church, but come up with something!  Do not let the opportunity pass by to inspire youe members to fill your church this Easter with people willing to attend!

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