Go “Live” with Your Church Services Online – FREE Platform!

Go “Live” with Your Church Services Online – FREE Platform!

Expand Your Church Audience Literally Around the World!

Have you even experienced a church service online? I’m not talking about a recorded message on YouTube. I’m talking about a “Live” service where people can enter a virtual church, be greeted by a host, and interact with other attendees about the service and message being presented. The best example I’ve found of this kind of virtual church can be experienced on http://www.lifechurch.tv/. I want to encourage you to go there right now and see what I mean. They offer virtual “Live” services, multiple times daily, with a chat feature that allows a visitor to engage in live conversation during the service. In 2014 Lifechurch.tv had over 6 million visits, and 9,562 lives changed!

A Global Community Is Closer Than You Might Think

Imagine ministering to your own global community. Reaching people around the world with the life changing Gospel of Christ. Introducing the members of your community to each other and connecting them together. Lifechurch.tv does this by inviting people into Lifegroups and offering opportunities to serve in their online church. Some become hosts to the live services, others participate and even lead the lifegroups, and yet others become prayer partners with those who are seeking.

A Global Community Is Easier Than You Might Think

Lifechurch.tv has now gone a step further. After developing this online church platform for themselves, now they are giving it away to other churches! The Church Online Platform, a digital mission of Lifechurch.tv, has been made FREE for churches to launch an online ministry and build their own global community. The platform allows you to broadcast church services virtually live, host community chats during every service, and offer live prayer along with a host of dynamic features. As far as I can tell, all you need to provide is your own third party streaming and volunteers to fill the hosting and administration roles as needed.

For the first time in history you can reach the world from your desktop!

I realize this might feel like a stretch for your church and there are needs to be addressed, not the least of which would be recording your church services. Please be encouraged by realizing that whatever challenges you might face, they are not insurmountable and probably easier and less expensive than the cost of one church mission trip.

If you decide to give the Church Online Platform a try, I would be very interested is hearing how it goes. I would love to feature your story as you attempt such a great adventure. Please contact me and let’s talk. If you are already using the Church Online Platform I would love to hear from you as well.

You can follow Lifechurch.tv here:
Twitter > @LifeChurchtv
Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/lifechurchtv

What do you think?
Is it really possible to have your church online and make a real impact in the lives of those who may only attend online? Please add your thoughts below…


4 Responses to “ “Go “Live” with Your Church Services Online – FREE Platform!”

  1. Casey is right it is an absolutely amazing platform for something they are litterally giving away. We are currently not using it but we have a site setup with them so when we do go back it will be a smooth transition. I can’t wait to get back to using it again.

  2. Casey Case says:

    Hey Barry, thanks for writing about the platform! I am a volunteer for support for the platform so I get to see what happens behind the scenes at LC and at churches around the world using the platform. I can tell you that it is amazing to see how church online can be used as an outreach tool.

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