New $100 Million Social App ‘Periscope’ Great for Church Ministry!

New $100 Million Social App ‘Periscope’ Great for Church Ministry!

‘PERISCOPE’ Have you hear of it yet?

Props to Jonathan Jordan @jordan004 who clued me in this week to the shiniest new app on the social media landscape (amazing what can happen while you’re taking a 2-week vacation!). Periscope is basically a live broadcasting app that works from your smartphone (Apple or Android) and allows you to live stream anything, anywhere, anytime!

Twitter Paid $100 Million to acquire the app for integration into the Twitter-sphere. It is now live and you can download the app here I have been playing around with it and I can instantly see the amazing potential for churches and ministries.

Imagine streaming live from a mission trip, youth camp, church service, meeting or training session with your smartphone. Your followers get an instant alert when you are live and they can watch as events unfold. The video remains available another 24 hours for those that might have missed it live. The possibilities are endless. Here are four screenshots of what was being streamed this morning:

live periscope screen shots

L to R: A mummy band getting ready for a performance; Someone introducing their ‘cute’ dog; Eat Fit doing a product launch in New York City; A morning news broadcast.

7 Reasons Why and 52 Examples of Using Periscope for Church Ministry

Auxano ( has created an awesome ‘Pastor’s Primer’ for Periscope. They present some great reasons for jumping on board and some excellent examples of how leaders might use Periscope in Church Ministry. This is  a quick, easy read and definitely worth the time. Periscope may very well be the best social media application for ministry to date. Click here to download the Pastor’s Primer.

BOTTOM LINE: Periscope is the shiniest new app on the social media landscape. It’s an insanely simple, live streaming tool that connects with your Twitter account. Followers are notified when you are streaming and the possible uses are only limited by your imagination, and having a smartphone.

Are you an early adopter, already using Periscope?
Please share how it is working. If not, try Periscope out and return here to tells us your thoughts and experiences…


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  1. jonathan says:

    Thanks for the props!… Its a great app for broadcasting…

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