NEW Social Media Tips and Insights Video Training Series!

NEW Social Media Tips and Insights Video Training Series!

We’re Excited to Announce A New Video Training Series!

Your video series host, Lacey Graham, has been on staff with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board since 2011 as a social media expert and web administrator. She manages our corporate website, social networks, e-store, event registrations, and specialty sites.

Lacey is very knowledgeable when it comes to social networks and her training style is very easy to follow. In this training series she will be sharing practical tips that you can start using today! [Link to the Video Channel on YouTube]

Already available for viewing:

Social Media Insights: Facebook Pages and Groups

All you need to know about Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, including the benefits of using each tool.

Social Media How To’s: Boost a Facebook Post

Ever wonder how to boost a Facebook post? Check out this quick video to walk you through the steps!

Social Media How To’s: Call to Action Button

Is your church’s Facebook Page ‘action ready’? Here’s a quick guide to set up the Action Button!

Your question could be in next week’s video!

Once you watch the videos we would love to hear from you. Tell us what you think. How can we improve the series? Do you have any questions about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another social network? Submit your question in the comment section below…

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