Should You Backup Your WordPress Site?

Should You Backup Your WordPress Site?

Should You Backup Your WordPress Site? ABSOLUTELY!

All free self-hosted web sites should have a back-up plan and ever more so when it comes to WordPress. Because WordPress is such a popular open source platform, there are many wonderful plug-ins, widgets and templates that we get to play with. In addition to all these fun toys, I love WordPress because it stays so current. As the web evolves, WordPress evolves right along with it.

The continual evolution of WordPress drives the same in all the plug-ins, widgets and templates that we appreciate so much. What that means is we are continually having to do updates to stay current. If you do not keep all these pieces up to date you are just asking for trouble with your site. WordPress is definitely not a ‘ set it and forget it’ platform!

Warning: Any time you are going to update the WordPress software, templates, plug-ins or widgets, you are at risk for a site failure. Therefore, before you perform any updates, it is important that you make a full back-up of your site. I have experienced site failures caused by updates and it’s not a good feeling. Fortunately I have a good back-up plan in place and can easily revert back to the site prior to any update. I’ve had to do this on more than one occasion.

What is the best way to Backup WordPress? Well because of the popularity of WordPress you have many options to choose from. Instead of specific recommendations here, I will give you three options to consider…

1. Manual Back-ups via FTP
This FREE option assumes that you are familiar and comfortable working with FTP (File Transfer Protical). It would be good for you to become familiar with FTP because some updates can only be accomplished via FTP. To explain how to back-up you WordPress site using FTP here is a great video tutorial from Green Mellen. Click here for video…

2. WordPress Backup Plug-ins and Tools
If you are not an FTP fan, not to worry. There are many plug-ins for WordPress designed to make backing up you site a somewhat simple process. Jackie Hole ( has written a great article comparing six different back-up tools that includes pro/con and also price. Read the article here…

3. Hosting Service that Includes Daily Back-ups
This is by far the easiest back-up plan. Host your site with a hosting provider that creates daily back-ups for you. I use WP Engine for hassle-free WordPress hosting. Of course the easiest solution will also have a price tag attached, but I believe it is well worth it. WP Engine is a fully managed WordPress environment that offers speed, scale, security, and support. I love the fact that when I experience a problem with WordPress I have my own personal tech support team to help me get going again. WP Engine is definitely the Cadillac of hosting for WordPress. Click the link below for a special deal and to learn more about WP Engine…


Already have a great back-up plan? I would love to hear about it…

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