Test Your Christmas Spirit – Fun Quiz to See If You’re A Santa or Scrooge!

Test Your Christmas Spirit – Fun Quiz to See If You’re A Santa or Scrooge!

Fun Way to Share Your Faith With Friends At Christmas!
TestYourChristmasSpirit.com invites people to test their Christmas Spirit by completing any one of four different quizzes. Each quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions. Based on how many you get right, you are designated as one of five popular Christmas characters:

test your Christmas spirit

Once you complete the quiz, the result page will tell you that, “You have the Christmas Spirit of…” whichever character matches your score. You can then add your score to the ‘Leader Board’ and share your results on social networks or by email, inviting your friends to give it a try. You can take any or all quizzes, as often as you like, and each time the questions and answers are randomized so they do not get too familiar. It is really a lot of fun!

The Intent Is To Share Your Faith With Friends In A Fun Way!
This is accomplished from the results page. Once the visitor see their results, they are offered a ‘click for prize’ button. This opens a page that encourages the visitor to start two new Christmas traditions. The first tradition suggestion offers a free PDF download of the Christmas Story that can be read to children, family or friends during Christmas. The second tradition suggestion encourages the visitor to seek out one of the many wonderful Christmas events held at local churches (i.e. concerts, plays, live nativity scenes, etc.) and provides a link to FindItHere.com that allows visitors to discover where churches are in their community.

This is our third year doing the Christmas Quiz and every year it is new and different. The first day the site launched we received 1502 visits! Please help us share to site and create a buzz again this year. It has never been easier to share your faith with friends!

I hope this encourages you to be creative in how you utilize the internet. Just about everybody is online and we need to find fun and interesting ways to reach them.

Are you doing something creative to reach your community?
Please tells us about it in the comments below and share a link. We wold love to see just how create you are…

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