The Secrets to Becoming an Influencer in Your World

The Secrets to Becoming an Influencer in Your World

“Influence is moving from your best to the best of others.”

I do not remember where I read the quote above but I did write it down because it is the essence of influence and it is not easily reached. Life is a journey not a destination and I’ve been on the path to growing my influence for years. I think the Christian word equivalent would be “Discipleship”. Influence, Discipleship, leadership, or however you word it, we should always be striving to make a positive difference in the lives of others. When I was a young man, people poured into my life and it has helped me to go further than I ever could on my own. It has also created a desire in me to give back by helping others.

How do you know if you are actually becoming an influencer?
I think one good indicator would be the number of people reaching out to you and the questions they are asking. When people are calling and asking for you thoughts and opinions, that is a clear indication that you are an influencer. I got a call the other day form someone in another state and it began like this, “Brian told me I should call you.” Last Sunday in church a man came up to me and introduced himself saying, “Mr. Flat told me I should to get to know you.” Being recommended by others is a good indication that you are becoming a person of influence.

How do you get to where you have earned a place of influence?
The answer is, it’s not easy. I heard it once said, “If you think you are leading but no one is following, then you are just taking a walk.” Influence is not proclaimed, it is earned and there is no such thing as over night success. With that said, there are some keys that will help you achieve more in less time. Here are five I try to live out…

5 Keys to Influence:

1. Be a Dedicated Worker
Influence is a level that must be achieved. You get there by dedicated work, day after day, like climbing a mountain. If I need to know how to climb a mountain, I will look for someone who has already reached the summit. If you have no summits in your life, do not expect anyone to come seeking your advice.

2. Lift Others Up with You
When you are climbing the ladder of success, don’t forget to reach down and pull someone up with you. Many times along the way someone showed me favor and pulled me up. The job I have now is because someone in the organization highly recommended me. Now, can you guess how I feel about that person? He is an influencer in my life. When you pull someone up with you, they will always consider you a great influence and they will tell others about you.

3. Never Stop Being Influenced
Because life is a journey and not a destination we never arrive. Therefore we will always need influencers in our lives. I learned a long time ago that I would do well to have three kinds of people in my life. I need a “Timothy” that I can influence and pull up with me. I need a “Barnabus” as a friend to walk beside, and I need a “Paul” to teach me the things I’ve yet to learn. Without the “Pauls” in my life, my influence will plateau rather than grow.

4. Be a True Friend and Good Listener
I know you have heard, “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” The people that I have influenced the most are the ones I have given my time to without looking at my watch. There is a power that comes with being a friend, holding a hand, sitting in a hospital waiting room, or just being there where they need someone to listen. True friendship leads to true influence.

5. Be a Person of Integrity
Recently I was at the retirement lunch of a co-worker. I can’t express how impressed I was by all the kind words said and all well deserved. Here was a man being honored who had served with integrity his entire career. Integrity is a key to influence. It takes a lifetime to build, but can be lost in a moment. Once lost it is often never regained to the same level, so do not loose it.

Influence is not easy but it sure is rewarding.
Once you move from your best to the best of others, your value and worth multiples. I have only covered five keys knowing that there is so much more to be said. Please share you thoughts and your personal keys to influence in the comments below…

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