The Web Chameleon: Staying Alive On the Web!

The Web Chameleon: Staying Alive On the Web!

What Color Are You Today?
Your web presence should be like a chameleon that changes color based on its surroundings. When the color of the environment changes the chameleon changes its color to match. This is a great protective strategy for staying alive. I don’t think the chameleon puts a lot of thought into changing colors, it just happens naturally. What a shame that when it comes to the web we are not able to change as easily.

If you want to stay alive in the ever changing world of web you have to be committed to changing along with it. This is this very reason that so many web sites, especially churches and ministries, are dead in the water. They build it and forget it.

To stay alive on the web you need a complete web strategy overhaul at least every three years max. In three years most web thinking and tactics change multiple times. Just look at how often Facebook has changed in three years with the most recent being the Facebook timeline.

So What Color is the Web Today?
Long gone are the online brochure days where you create a home page with three links: “About Us | Our Products | Contact”. The heyday of the three page brochure web site was the nineties of the last century!

Today you need to envision a more engaging web presence that tells a compelling story, builds and leverages online communities, and creates participation and support.

“The Web 3.0 marketing world is where customized, intelligent information is available at our fingertips, on any device, from anywhere in the world.”  – Marketing in the Moment by Michael Tasner

“Consumers want to take ownership of your brand and brag about your product. Let them.”  – Socialnomics

The New Mantras: (source: Webify Seminar)
– Titles and credentials are meaningless.
– Conversations online are Markets.
– Participation + Facilitation = Leadership

Champion a Paradigm Shift:
There must be a building of community, which develops trust, which leads to participation and support. This demands a paradigm shift in the way you think about and develop your web presence. Consider the following points as markers for your new paradigm…

Convert Closed Audiences to Open Communities:
Your web presence today must be an integration point rather than a starting point. You must create connections among members, callings and interests. You need to get to know, and figure out how to convert, your audiences to communities. Then you must find ways to push content that is wanted to those communities.

Brand Management:
You need to  search out and take ownership of your brand online – i.e. search results, map profiles, social networks, business listings, etc. Here is a good article that goes into detail on how to begin this process:

Calls to Action:
One of the primary purposes of being on the web is to move people to an action. This is call a “Conversion”. You set a goal and then you figure out how to get someone to the conversion point of that goal. If you have an online store the call to action is to make a purchase. If you have an event the call to action is to sign-up. Be sure that you build based on your goals. If you never set any goals you will never reach them guaranteed!

Story Telling and Sharing:
People love a good story and that is what you must have to get the conversions. The story is what makes your credible and desirable. If you have a great story people will take it over and tell it for you which will bring in more people who will tell others. The current top story telling tools are blogs, images and videos which are all easy to share online.

Limitless Content Delivery:
The web is virtually limitless in what and how you can deliver your content. Smart phones and devices, web builders, video and audio portals, ecommerce, document and photo archives, social networks, the list goes on and who knows what the next great tool or platform will be.

Good Examples of Web Chameleons:

So there you have it. The color of the web today.
If your web colors do not match, it’s time for a change if you want to stay alive. I can imagine that you have something good to add about now so please leave us a comment below. Thanks!

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