Web Site Skins, Themes & Templates

Web Site Skins, Themes & Templates

There are thousands of ways to skin a web site. Find that “just right” look for yours.
The top layer of your web site, what the visitor sees, is the “skin” of the site. Also referred to as “themes” or “templates”, skins are designed to be interchangeable. The idea is, if you get tired of one, you can take it off and put on another. The fact is you will probably have to do some tweaking but you are not having to build a whole new web site.

This is why WordPress is such a great option for building a web site. WordPress has a theme gallery of over 1400 FREE themes available for you to use on your WordPress site. Just find the look you like and download! All of the major web site and ecommerce platforms (i.e. – Blogger, Joomla, Zencart, drupal, etc.) use theme templates. There are literally thousands of sites that offer both free and premium theme templates. In addition to WordPress mentioned above, I want to share two more…

First, there is Template Monster the self-proclaimed “World’s #1 website templates provider!” Template Monster definitely has the largest and broadest selection I’ve seen. Everything from WordPress to Facebook templates. Every template has three prices:

  • The TEMPLATE price where you are buying a copy and installing it yourself.
  • The TEMPLATE + INSTALLATION price where you are buying a copy plus the installation service.
  • The UNIQUE or BUYOUT price which means your purchase retires the template so no one else can use it.

The pricing for templates varies greatly, from a range of $50 for single use to $4000 and up for buyouts.

The other site I want to share is my personal favorite. Elegant Themes is a small site with only 75 themes but these are some of the best themes I have ever used. They are well designed with a lot of features not found in the typical template. There is also a well thought out verity of styles for ecommerce, blogs, video, and other applications. The best part is paying a one year subscription of only $39 which gives access to every theme! One theme alone is worth the $39 but you can access all 75! This site, WebReadyChurch.com, is using the “Basic” theme and I love it. You can preview all 75 themes on the Elegant Themes web site before you subscribe.

Remember, there are thousands of places to find the theme that is just right for you, so shop around. If you find a great resource, please come back and share it with us.

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