What Marketers Stole from the Church!

What Marketers Stole from the Church!

Can you believe anyone would steal from the church?  Well they have and we should be appalled!

Marketers of large brands and corporations have stolen a very important word from us and the sad part is they’re doing a much better job with it! The word is “Evangelist”. Growing up in church, I have always thought of an Evangelist as someone who is passionate about sharing the good news of Christ. So passionate that it becomes a calling that drives them in all they do.

Now big business has claimed our word, tweaked the meaning, and are adding staff ‘evangelists’ to share their ‘good news’.  LinkedIn actually has a listed skill called Technology Evangelist.

Adobe has an entire staff of evangelists who do an amazing job of evangelizing the entire world about the good news of Adobe products. Even though Adobe has the overwhelming market share of their product line, they still continue to tirelessly evangelize around the globe. They actually have an “Adobe Evangelists” web site as a showcase of their evangelists and products. They have an Adobe Evangelist Youtube channel, twitter list, Facebook Page, Google+, LinkedIN, and I’m sure much more.

So what is my point?
I think the church needs to get a fresh perspective on evangelism from Adobe and other companies that have embraced the web as a key tool for spreading their brand’s good news.  Generally speaking churches and ministries are simply not taking advantage of the greatest technology advances in history for telling the world about the good news of Jesus Christ…

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  – Matthew 24:14 (ESV)

We (the Church) need to embrace technology to finish this task. For the first time in history we can literally reach the whole earth from a computer screen!

Now what should you do?
Become passionate, become an Evangelist! Be as passionate about the world’s need for Christ as Adobe is about the world’s need for their products!  Get on Facebook and Twitter. Start a blog. Upload audio and video. Start a board on Pinterest. Reach the world and tell them the story of Jesus!

So are you doing it already? Please share how you are leveraging the web to share Christ with the world…

2 Responses to “ “What Marketers Stole from the Church!”

  1. Rob Brooks says:

    Great challenge, Barry! Time to reclaim our term, fulfill our mission in the world.
    God bless,

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